Meguiars Yellow Bucket Only

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Meguiar's Yellow Bucket is your heavy-duty companion for car washes, ready to tackle any cleaning job.

  • 19-liter capacity.
  • Durable plastic construction.
  • Compatible with grit guard.
  • Printed Meguiar's logo.


The all-new 19-liter Meguiar's bucket is the perfect companion for your car washing and rinsing needs. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our grit guard, this bucket is engineered to enhance your car care routine and ensure a thorough and effective cleaning process. Crafted from durable plastic and adorned with the iconic Meguiar's logo, this bucket is not just a practical tool but also a stylish accessory for any car enthusiast.

Experience the convenience of a larger bucket with the impressive 19-liter capacity of the Meguiars bucket. Whether you're washing a compact sedan or a large SUV, this spacious car wash bucket provides ample room to accommodate plenty of water and cleaning solutions, allowing you to tackle even the biggest detailing jobs with ease.

Constructed from durable plastic, the Meguiars car cleaning kit is built to withstand the rigors of regular use and resist wear and tear over time. Whether you're washing your car in the driveway, garage, or at a car wash facility, this sturdy bucket is up to the task, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. With the Meguiar's bucket, you can trust that your car washing accessories are built to last.

Enhance the effectiveness of your car washing routine with the compatibility of the Meguiar's bucket with our grit guard. Designed to fit snugly within the bucket, the grit guard helps to prevent dirt and debris from contaminating your wash mitt, ensuring a safer and more thorough cleaning process. By trapping dirt at the bottom of the bucket and away from your cleaning tools, the grit guard helps to minimise the risk of scratching or swirling your car's paintwork, resulting in a smoother and shinier finish.

Make a statement with the sleek and stylish design of the car wash buckets, featuring the iconic Meguiar's logo printed prominently on the side. Whether you're using it at home, at a car show, or a professional detailing shop, this eye-catching bucket is sure to turn heads and impress fellow car enthusiasts. With its combination of practicality and aesthetics, the Meguiars bucket is the perfect choice for anyone who takes pride in their car care routine.

The all-new 19-liter Meguiar's wash bucket is a must-have accessory for any car enthusiast looking to elevate their car washing experience. With its generous capacity, durable plastic construction, compatibility with a grit guard, and stylish Meguiars logo, this bucket is the perfect blend of form and function.

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