ValetPro Heavy Contamination Removal Bar 100g

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ValetPro's Heavy Contamination Removal Bar tackles tough bonded contaminants like tar, rail dust, and industrial fallout, leaving your paint smooth and clean.

  • Perfect for full details.
  • Removes paint contamination.
  • Effective against tar spots, fallout, traffic film, and tree sap.
  • Ideal for use with Citrus Bling to prevent marring.
  • Grade: Heavy.


When it comes to achieving a flawless finish during the detailing process, thorough contamination removal is paramount. Even if your car appears clean at first glance, contaminants lurking on the surface can pose a significant risk of scratching the paintwork during subsequent stages of detailing. That's where the ValetPro Heavy Contamination Removal Bar steps in as an indispensable tool, specially designed to tackle even the toughest contamination challenges.

Crafted with precision and expertise, our contamination removal bar exterior is the ultimate solution for full detailing work, offering unmatched effectiveness in removing various types of paint contaminants. From stubborn tar spots and fallout to bonded traffic film and tree sap, this heavy-duty bar delivers exceptional performance, leaving your vehicle's surface clean, smooth, and ready for further detailing treatments.

One of the key features of our detail clay bar is its ability to effectively remove paint contamination without causing damage to the underlying surface. Whether you're dealing with unsightly tar spots or stubborn tree sap, this bar works tirelessly to lift and eliminate contaminants, restoring the brilliance and lustre of your vehicle's paintwork.

To enhance its performance and minimise the risk of marring on soft or delicate surfaces, our heavy duty clay bar is ideally paired with our ValetPro Citrus Bling Clay Lube. This dynamic duo ensures smooth and effortless clay bar use, allowing you to glide the bar over the surface with ease while reducing the likelihood of surface imperfections.

Designed with detailing professionals and enthusiasts in mind, our Valet Pro Removal Bar is graded as "Heavy," indicating its superior strength and effectiveness in handling challenging cleaning tasks. Whether you're conducting a comprehensive detailing session or targeting specific areas of contamination, this bar delivers consistent and reliable results, ensuring a showroom-worthy finish every time.

Our heavy clay bar is the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and professionals seeking unparalleled performance and effectiveness in contamination removal. With its ability to tackle a wide range of paint contaminants and its compatibility with our Valet Pro Citrus Bling Clay Lube, this clay bar is an essential addition to any detailing arsenal, helping you achieve flawless results with confidence and ease.

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